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The 2005-2010 National Interpreter Education Center at the Center for Teaching Interpreting Educators and Mentors (TIEM) has moved to You can click here to go there now, or wait about 10 seconds and you'll be redirected there automatically.

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NEW! Final Report on VR National Needs Assessment Released Click here to read about our needs assessments>> NEW!

NEW! Volume 1 of the CIT International Journal of Interpreter Education is now available. Click here to visit the CIT web site and see the Table of Contents and article abstracts>> NEW!

NEW! 2010 CIT Conference "Connecting Our World: Expanding Our Horizon" proposal deadline extended to February 28th! Click here to visit the CIT site and learn more about the conference>> NEW!

NEW! Two new programs of study opening for interpreters and interpreter educators at Northeastern University! The first Program of Study is intended for interpreters interested in working in video settings. Click here to find out more about the Interpreting in Video Settings Program>> The second Program of Study is intended for current educators of interpreting. Click here to read about the Teaching Interpreting Skills Program>> NEW!

NEW! New Curriculum Released: The NCIEC Deaf Advocacy Training team has released a new curriculum devoted to Deaf self-advocacy. Click here to read more about the curriculum>> NEW!

The Critical Link 6: Interpreting in a Changing Landscape
The 6th International Conference presented by Critical Link will be held July 26-30th, 2010 in Birmingham, UK. Please click here to visit their web site for more information.

New National Consortium web site address! Click here to visit>>

Effective Practices
The National Center is charged with a leadership role in identifying effective practices, both existing and those to emerge through NCIEC projects and activities. The goal is to identify effective practices and produce guidelines, benchmarks, milestones and assessment measures to guide others in future replications of, and improvements to, those practices.

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