Northeastern University

Dennis Cokely


Dennis Cokely is currently the Director of the ASL Program, Professor, and the Chair of the Modern Languages Department. Dennis is internationally known as a consultant and lecturer. For 15 years Dennis worked in various positions at Gallaudet University (as a teacher of elementary and high school students, an administrator, an Assistant Professor in the Graduate School, and as a Research Associate in the Linguistics Research Lab where he worked with William Stokoe). In 1985 he served as Director for a project funded by the Canadian government through the University of New Brunswick to develop a model curriculum for Interpreter Education programs. From 1983 through 1987 he served as the president of the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID) and was instrumental in revising the RID's certification and testing program. During the past several years he has conducted numerous training modules both in the United States and abroad on ASL semantics and developing and conducting diagnostic assessments of interpreters.

Dennis received his doctorate in Sociolinguistics from Georgetown University and also has a Master's degree in Applied Linguistics. His publications include numerous articles, a series of five textbooks on American Sign Language (generally known as "The Green Books") which he co-authored with Charlotte Baker-Shenk, Sign Language Interpreters and Interpreting and Interpretation which he edited and A Sociolinguistic Model which has been translated into German and excerpted into Swedish and Japanese. A Sociolinguistic Model is widely used in the U.S. and Europe for interpreter education and has formed the foundation for formal diagnostic assessments of interpreters in the US, Canada and Europe. Through the company he co-founded, Sign Media, Inc., Dennis has produced and/or directed over 250 videotape programs focusing on American Sign Language, Deaf Culture, and Interpreter Education.